Why Visit

Why Visit

Join thousands of real estate professionals...
Meet the most influential developers, investors, government planning departments
and creative solution providers...
At the first of its kind in Asia Pacific focusing on future real estate development,
investment and technology...
With one mission: Shaping the Future Space!


4 Hot Topics

Innovation, green, industrialization and renovation, whatever industry cares the most can always be found in the RealTech. 


3 Spotlight Exhibition Zones

The Expo Hall is where inspiration meets action. Take what you have learned in the sessions, and find the products and technology through our dedicated exhibition zones that can help you meet your goals and build up networks.


World-class Keynote Speakers

Check out our RealTech Asia Summit, meet those legendary names that you could barely see in person, and explore future opportunities through their advanced thoughts sharing. 


Snake a Peek at the Future Trend 

We gather the most influential players from all sectors of property industry for 4 days of networking, learning, and transaction through premium events and conferences. Grasp business opportunities and enlarge your benefits from those advanced thoughts, findings, cases, products and smart solutions.

Ready to go ?

What to involve more than a visitor?

I might become an exhibitor, why should I come and what benefits shall I gain?