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The Expo Hall is where inspiration meets action. Take what you have learned in the sessions, and find the products and technology through our dedicated exhibition zones that can help you meet your goals and build up networks. Our exhibitors are mainly come from the following sectors:


Residential, commercial, hotel, leisure, retail, industrial, educational, nursing and other forms of developers with future leading projects.

Solution Providers

Green buildings, sustainable buildings, prefabricated, fully furnished, intelligent & digital solution providers.

Business Service

Real estate leasing, engineering consultants, urban planners, major contractors, project management companies, real estate advisors, operations, marketing and other related high-quality service providers.

Cities & Local Land Resourcing Authorities

Department of planning and natural resources, regional development and investment organizations, real estate trading, urban planners, land exchange service providers etc.

Domestic & International Institutions/ Standard Maker

The latest real estate related standards maker at home and abroad, qualification certification agencies.

Investors & Financial Institutions

Banks, investment companies, venture capitalists, private, equity investors, asset management co. etc.

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