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December 19, 2021 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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As the breakthrough of ability improvement and personal growth, Creator Forums will release the essence content in RealTech Expo from December 19 to 21. Together with our partners, the diversified RealTech Creator Forums will continue to bring innovative insights, technical discussions and successful cases around hot topics for real estate and technology industry.

  • Speakers: Senior management from solution & service providers and real estate developers functional department, etc.
  • Scale: 100-200 people/session
  • Forms: Successful cases, mature experience, innovative ideas, etc.
  • Themes: Sustainability, Industrialization, Renovation, Innovation.

As the pursuit of sustainable development underlying, green and health are the top keywords shaping the future direction and trend of real estate. Green and health, as an important appeal of sustainable development under the "Double Carbon Age", is shaping the future trend of real estate.
How should real estate enterprises build new products for society and customers? What favorable policies and products will the government, banks, and investment institutions bring to the green development of the industry?

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Future Eco-City Forum -- Digital and "Zero Carbon" Age

The future urban development is the sustainable development of humanity, science and technology and ecology. Smart networks such as IoT, AI and 5G play a crucial role in promoting and empowering urban construction, and will gradually catalyze the organic integration of the digital world with the natural and intelligent world. Fraunhofer scientists are committed to integrating various digital concepts and smart networks into the field of urban construction, researching the sustainable development of large cities, and creating low-carbon and even zero-carbon buildings and communities. This forum will unite government departments, academic research institutions and international top scientific research platforms to discuss how to take advantage of the development of digital technology to better respond to climate change and build a safer, healthier, more comfortable, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly zero-carbon future for mankind. The forum invited a number of experts from China and Germany in digital city and environmental control to share cutting-edge development and international forward-looking cases in this field, and to demonstrate high-precision technologies around the theme of future eco-city.

Time: December 19, 13:30-16:00PM  
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Hall 3.1, Creator Forums Zone B

Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Fraunhofer FIP, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Design, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, SBA GmbH

Attendees: Urban planning and design units and relevant government departments, scientific research institutions, intelligent technology enterprises. etc.


2021 Healthy Habitat Technology Summit

In China, healthy housing has been developed for about 20 years, and it has been promoted relatively slowly, but now it has gradually formed a system and is being promoted comprehensively. However, the COVID-19 outbreak has also exposed the inadequacy of coping strategies and measures in the prevention of urban housing in China. In this context, in order to thoroughly implement the "Healthy China 2030" plan outline and the "Healthy China Action (2019-2030)" directive spirit, and help promote the healthy China Action in China, the conference will invite experts from international leading healthy building and healthy housing organizations and institutions, as well as outstanding enterprises in the industry, Around the current real estate enterprises healthy green innovation technology and the market situation, discuss the future development of healthy living direction, share the achievements of health building and promote the healthy development of human settlements, conducive to the construction industry health, green, innovation and development to promote the social atmosphere, building a more healthy, more green, beautiful China.

Time: December 19, 13:30-16:00PM  
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Hall 3.1, Creator Forums Zone B

You Lv Think-tank, RealTech Expo

Attendees: Real estate enterprises, green construction standards certification and research institutions, construction engineering units, construction consulting units, etc.