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December 19-20, 2021 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

RealTech Creator Forums

As the breakthrough of ability improvement and personal growth, Creator Forums will release the essence content in RealTech Expo from December 19 to 21. Together with our partners, the diversified RealTech Creator Forums will continue to bring innovative insights, technical discussions and successful cases around hot topics for real estate and technology industry.

  • Speakers: Senior management from solution & service providers and real estate developers functional department, etc.
  • Scale: 100-200 people/session
  • Forms: Successful cases, mature experience, innovative ideas, etc.
  • Themes: Sustainability, Industrialization, Renovation, Innovation.

Over the past year, we've witnessed how important resilience is to a city that can quickly take action and recovery. Urban renewal is imminent. In the process of transforming from emergency needs to the New Normal, what other pain points need to be solved? A great change caused by TOD is also being quietly staged across the country and even the world. With The release of "The Seventh National Population Census of The People's Republic of China" (AKA. The 2020 Chinese Census), Elderly Care again takes the attention of the industry. What impact will the increasing demands bring to the future urban space and industrial development? As a capital-intensive and labor-intensive industry, how will real estate enterprises achieve steady growth through an innovative stock operation model? Under the new market cycle, what kinds of formats, products, models, and strategies can adapt to the stock market?

—— Look for The New Blue Ocean For Stock Markets

The 3rd China Annual Summit for Asset Circulation

After the impact of the global epidemic in 2020 and the impact of policy regulation in 2021, the sustainable growth of development enterprises from the end of capital to the end of sales faces great challenges. While the real estate industry is slowing down, it is accelerating the industry from the past resource-driven and leverage-driven era into an era of asset management driven and financial innovation. It is gratifying that China's asset management industry is ushering in a new situation, which contains opportunities in reform and breaks the situation in transformation. How will real estate asset management start under the background of "big asset management"? How to drive a new round of growth? How to seize the opportunity to deeply participate in real estate? This summit will focus on the growth of real estate asset management value in the era of "big asset management".

Time: December 19, 10:00AM-16:00PM  
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Hall 3.1, Main Conference Zone

AFC, RealTech Expo

Attendees: Real estate enterprises (commercial and investment department), domestic and foreign institutions, asset management service companies, real estate service providers, etc.

Future Health Caring Trends Forum

Explore the time of simultaneous development of both stock and increment of the health care industry, discuss the broad prospects of the big health industry, and the new development mode of a hundred flowers blooming under the current market, and provide effective ideas, cross-border cooperation mode and reference cases for the high-quality development of the health care industry.
Time: December 19, 10:00AM-12:30PM  
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Hall 3.1, Creator Forums Zone A

China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Health and Pension Industry Branch

Attendees: Real estate enterprises (health care industry investment and development), architects/architectural design units, facilities and solution providers, pension real estate service agencies, etc.

Urban Renewal and Development Forum

Since the 14th Five-Year Plan put forward the "implementation of urban renewal action", the pace of urban renewal has been accelerated around the country. How to construct a model of urban renewal in accordance with local conditions, promote the steady development of urban renewal, and make urban renewal work more forward-looking, more refined, more scientific, has become the primary subject in front of urban builders. The forum focuses on cutting-edge urban renewal policies, innovative models and advanced technologies, and explores different types of urban renewal solutions to help urban renewal development.
Time: December 20, 09:30AM-12:00PM  
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Hall 3.1, Creator Forums Zone A

China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Urban Renewal and Existing Building Renovation Branch

Attendees: Real estate enterprises, urban planning and design institutions, engineering construction units, property service companies, system integrators and building materials enterprises, etc.


In September 2003, the "ELITE AWARD" was established to award organizations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to scientific and technological activities in the field of human settlements and urban construction. "ELITE AWARD" is a public welfare and non-profit oriented evaluation and recognition work in the field of science and technology of housing industry conducted and carried out in the principle of "authority, public welfare and justice" with the purpose of promoting the sustainable development of housing construction.

Time: December 20, 10:00AM-12:00PM  
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Hall 3.1, Main Conference Zone

Elite Habitat Development Foundation

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Time Topic Guest