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December 20-21, 2021 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

RealTech Creator Forums

As the breakthrough of ability improvement and personal growth, Creator Forums will release the essence content in RealTech Expo from December 19 to 21. Together with our partners, the diversified RealTech Creator Forums will continue to bring innovative insights, technical discussions and successful cases around hot topics for real estate and technology industry.

  • Speakers: Senior management from solution & service providers and real estate developers functional department, etc.
  • Scale: 100-200 people/session
  • Forms: Successful cases, mature experience, innovative ideas, etc.
  • Themes: Sustainability, Industrialization, Renovation, Innovation.

Scientific and technological innovation will play an increasingly important role in the future living places, business and intelligence campuses, office buildings, and even property services. When Generation Z, the digital natives, enter the workplace and become property consumers, how to introduce new technologies to enhance experiences in the office and living space is a challenge for all real estate enterprises, office owners, tenants, and service companies. How are information-based management, smart operations, smart communities, and smart homes changing the way the construction industry works and the future of real estate products?

—— Technology Is The Second Curve of Real Estate Development

China Real Estate Technology Development Summit

We will invite representatives of real estate, property, business, architecture, design and other related enterprises with leading position in the field of digital technology to provide digital services for the real estate industry. Technology giants and excellent innovation and creation enterprises will discuss the industry change and development opportunities, and explore the infinite edge of real estate technology together.

Time: December 20, 09:30AM-16:00PM  
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Hall 3.1, Creator Forums Zone B

China Proptech Research, RealTech Expo

Attendees: Real estate enterprises (CIOs), real estate technology enterprises, real estate service agencies, property management companies, real estate trading platform, real estate operators, intelligent technology enterprises, etc.

Architecture X Technology -- Digital Innovation of the Whole Industrial Chain of Architectural Design

The application of the Internet of everything, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G+ intelligence and other technologies in the field of architecture has inspired the re-study of human environmental needs with innovative technological approaches, and design technology has endowed space with more thinking power. Under this background, the construction of transboundary science and technology to promote the digital revolution of the design of the whole link, through technology enable applications, intelligent design and other measures, to link the role of artificial intelligence and human thinking, setting demand analysis, the construction law and space operations such as thinking, expand the building and the meaning of green low-carbon environment, create multiple derivative space new form in the future. This forum invites many experts from the whole industry chain of "architecture + Design + Science and Technology" to join hands and share, relying on technology, to look into the future potential design technology scenarios and blueprints, and to provide comprehensive solutions for multiple scenarios with an open attitude.
Time: December 20, 13:30-16:00PM  
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Hall 3.1, Creator Forums Zone A

REMAC TY, RealTech Expo

Attendees: Real estate enterprises, architectural design and planning units, enterprises and brand parties, etc.

Enterprise Real Estate Forum & China International Real Estate Technology Congress

Under the background of the national policy of "housing not speculation", the development of real estate in the future will be bound to transform from "manufacturing" to "service". How to be a "landlord" of fortune 500 enterprises? How to attract better enterprises to enter? How to establish symbiotic and win-win cooperative relationship with enterprise development? These are the major problems that every real estate enterprise decision-maker has to face and think about. With the continuous development of enterprises, real estate site selection, operation and management of enterprises will become more and more professional, and more professionals in charge of relevant departments of real estate within enterprises will play an important role in the process of site selection, leasing and operation. Whether we can grasp the development trend and characteristics of real estate will be the key to grasp the future demand and opportunities.

Time: December 21, 09:30AM-16:00PM  
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Hall 3.1, Main Conference Zone

IDRC, RealTech Expo

Attendees: Industrial & commercial real estate enterprises, investment institutions and real estate technology funds, real estate service providers, enterprises and brand parties, real estate technology enterprises, etc.

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