Creator Forums: Industrialization

December 19-21, 2021 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

RealTech Creator Forums

As the breakthrough of ability improvement and personal growth, Creator Forums will release the essence content in RealTech Expo from December 19 to 21. Together with our partners, the diversified RealTech Creator Forums will continue to bring innovative insights, technical discussions and successful cases around hot topics for real estate and technology industry.

  • Speakers: Senior management from solution & service providers and real estate developers functional department, etc.
  • Scale: 100-200 people/session
  • Forms: Successful cases, mature experience, innovative ideas, etc.
  • Themes: Sustainability, Industrialization, Renovation, Innovation.

In the context of soaring labor costs, energy conservation, and emission reduction, what does prefabricated/fully furnished construction bring to real estate enterprises, and how should the enterprise be laid out?

—— The Way We Build, The World We Build

More information is coming soon, stay tuned!