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Real Estate Market in China and Germany

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Global Dialogue LIVE: China and Germany's Property Markets

Given the growing presence of Asian investors in the German property market, the latest developments in the property market and the need for investment in different cultural contexts will be the subject of discussion. Prof. NIE Meisheng, the founder and chairman of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and Prof. Dr. Florian Hackelberg from HAWK University of Applied Science and Art in Germany will together talking about the general conditions for Chinese investors in the German/European property markets LIVE at RealTech Online.

Topic of Discussion

China and Germany's Investment Environment and Prospects in Real Estate Market


Prof. NIE Meisheng
Prof. NIE Meisheng

Founder and Chairman of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce
Honorary President of Tsinghua Alumni Real Estate Association

Prof. Dr. Florian Hackelberg
Prof. Dr. Florian Hackelberg

Professor for Real Estate Economics and Management at HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Prof. NIE Meisheng talks about “Environment and Prospects of Current China's Real Estate Market”

Prof. Dr. Florian Hackelberg talks about "Investing in German Real Estate: Marketing Trends and Investment Framework"