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RealTech Asia Summit

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 | Hall W4, SNIEC, Shanghai

By focusing on the “Shaping & Upgrading the Future Space”, RealTech Asia Summit will gather the most influential players from all sectors of the property industry, such as developers, investors, government planning officials, groundbreaking tech solution and service providers, to show the advanced technologies, critical thoughts, and future trends of the real estate industry through a one-day summit, bringing a rare opportunity for communication and deep learning in the industry!

  • Guests and Speakers: Leaders of government from housing and construction related agencies, CIO & CTO of top developers , senior management of enterprises, RealTech headliners, etc.
  • Scale: 500 people
  • Theme: Macro trend of the real estate industry, top management thinking, intelligence development in the real estate industry. 



RealTech Asia Summit - The Awakening of the Future City


Tuesday, November 02, 2021 - Morning Session


Topic  |  With the release of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, China's real estate has entered the stage of high-quality development and diversified operation under "The Double Carbon Age" - an era of achieving a two-stage strategic goal of carbon reduction proposed by China. The two phases include a goal to peak CO2 emissions by 2030 and a goal to be carbon neutral by 2060.

For housing enterprises, where is the new growth point? How to reshape the brand and stabilize the market in the transformation? What is the new force of future urban construction?

From ecological habitat to smart city, hot words emerge one after another -- "Net Zero City", "Stock Market Operation", "Digital Twin", "New Urban Infrastructure Creation" etc. are awakening the city's force, but also bring new challenges for industry players -- how to connect the industrial chain with digital technology to achieve a cross-boundary win-win situation? How to create a new track to improve the product? How to refresh the future scene of the city?


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RealTech Asia Summit - ReCall 2021: Real Estate Keywords of The Year


Tuesday, November 02, 2021 - Afternoon Session


Topic  |  In the light of the government policies, industry innovations, the upgrading of market demands, and other factors, how will China's real estate industry go through the transformation stage, and how will it stand firm in 2021 when opportunities are booming? RealTech together with the leading agencies and top platforms to review and define this year of change with multiple keywords.

Each critical node of the industry development and change in 2021 will be marked as a Key Word to awaken industry players in the mind of the past, the vision, and thinking of the future. At the end of 2021, "Keywords of the Year" will also find hot events and outstanding representatives with great learning values, innovative spirits, and new insights in the transformation, guiding the direction of the industry and accelerating the industry growth in the next year!


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