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Overview of Conference

2-day summit, 4 themed forums, 2 Keynote speakers, 200+ speakers

—— 3 days of concentrated expertise

RealTech gathers the most influential players from all sectors of China’s domestic property industry and a great number of world-famous brands in the property industry and international institutions to join the expo by bringing their most advanced thoughts, findings, cases, standards and products to the summits, forums and conferences or even workshops; thus, shaping the future space!


RealTech Asia Summit

Brings together the latest industry standard makers, top worldwide real estate developers, financial institutions and governments to plan and discuss the latest trends and standards of global real estate development.


RealCreator Forums

Glimpses the future of real estate development and looks at the entire industry ecological chain. RealCreator forums will be based on the 4 exhibition themes:

●   Innovation Forums
●   Sustainability Forums
●   Industrialization Forums
●   Renovation Forums

Attempts to understand  the appeals and layouts of real estate companies, cutting-edge technologies in the industry, and discusses the future trends that real estate enterprises will pay attention to.


Side Events & Gala Night

A variety of offline communication activities are offered to create multiple interactive experiences. Urban land resource match makings will help both governments and enterprises to realize a high-quality matching of lands and investments. RealTech’s Side Events and Gala Night are the best ways to meet industry professionals and to expand your networks.