A Future Trade Fair for Property, Investment & Technology

Resulting from changes in property, the industry has stepped into a rational and high-quality development stage; therefore, real estate enterprises urgently need to explore innovations and evolutions. RealTech Expo has taken this opportunity to bring its own innovations into the market. By focusing on the “future space”, RealTech Expo has gathered the most influential players from all sectors of the property industry, such as developers, investors, government planning officials, groundbreaking tech solution and service providers, to show the advanced technologies and future trends of the real estate industry through various dedicated exhibition zones. RealTech Expo is committed to building a B2G2C platform, integrating business promotions and rebranding, enabling real estate enterprises to transform and develop.

RealTech Online

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Summits, Forums & Side Events

RealTech Asia Summit

Brings together the latest industry standard makers, top worldwide real estate developers, financial institutions and governments to plan and discuss the latest trends and standards of global real estate development.

RealCreator Forums: Renovation

Under the new market cycle, what kinds of formats, products, models and strategies can adapt to the new era’s stock market?

RealCreator Forums: Sustainability

As the pursuit of sustainable development underlying, green and health are the top key words shaping the future direction and trend of real estate. How should real estate enterprises create new products for society and owners?

RealCreator Forums: Innovation

How are information-based management, smart operations, smart communities and smart homes changing the way the construction industry works and the future of real estate products?

RealCreator Forums: Industrialization

In the context of soaring labor costs, energy conservation and emission reduction, what does prefabricated/fully furnished construction bring to real estate enterprises, and how should the enterprise be laid out?

Urban Land Resources Match Making

Urban land resource match makings will help both governments and enterprises to realize a high-quality matching of lands and investments.

Side Events & Gala Night

A variety of offline communication activities are offered to create multiple interactive experiences. RealTech’s Side Events and Gala Night are the best ways to meet industry professionals and to and expand your networks.